AISC Certified Structural Steel


Modular Coal Loader

This contract consisted of fabricating, painting, assembling complete with mechanical, electrical and access and barge freight to Louisiana one (1) Coal Conveyor System. This system consisted of (3) towers, (3) cradle sections, (3) loading shuttles and (2) connecting link conveyors. The total weight of the structure is 2,300 tons.



Modular Production Facility

TTI-FSS provided the necessary steel frames and structures to build a 500,000-square-foot print production facility in St. Petersburg, Florida. Valpak prints, packages and ships its coupon envelopes from the Valpak Manufacturing Center.



Modular Swing Bridge

TTI-FSS built all the approaches, approach girders, bridge support beams and the entire Ben Sawyer swing bridge, which was dropped in place over the Intracoastal Waterway to connect South Carolina Route 703 in Charleston.  The approaches used approximately 490 tons of steel and the bridge 285 tons of steel.