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At TTI-FSS our people understand safety. We know that going home to our family, safe and healthy, is the reason for safety.  Everybody on the job site including the Client, the crew, and delivery drivers are a part safety team and has Stop Work Authority. Each of us operate under the idea that we can always improve safety. With that in mind, all of us expect that, ‘If you see me doing something unsafe, stop me and tell me”.

TTI-FSS was one of the first contractors to undergo a RAVs+  Audit by ISNetworld. The audit is used to verify a contractor’s:

  • Safety Programs
  • Safety Training
  • Onsite Execution

Short Service Employee Program


TTI-FSS utilizes a Short Service Employee program which greatly reduces the risk to new personnel while accelerating their training. The picture above shows the assigned mentor training the SSE to install the cable rail on the tank scaffold after jumping the scaffold to the outside of the newly constructed tank.

Our goal is zero incidents

  • In 2014 TTI-FSS worked 484,302 man-hours with zero Lost Time incidents, and 1 recordable incident. Our TRIR was .41
  • In 2015 TTI-FSS worked  606,745 man-hours with zero Lost Time incidents, and 1 recordable incident. Our TRIR is .33

TTI-FSS is a member of the following:


TTI-FSS is a member contractor of ISNetworld.  There are over 60,000 member contractors, but TTI-FSS is one of the few that has been spotlighted on ISNetworld and asked to complete a contractor success story.

As a provider of services to the oil industry, we have adapted our training requirements to match the Midstream CORE training initiative being led by Kinder Morgan and Colonial Pipeline.

In 2015, ISN invited TTI-FSS Safety Director Donald Lowe to speak before clients and contractors at the ISN CONNECT conference in Dallas, Texas.



PEC Safety is a third party verification company used by some client companies that do not use ISNetworld.




NCMS is used for verification of both DOT and non-DOT substance abuse programs and testing.



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