17-92 Pedestrian Bridge 1(5)


Florida Structural Steel is AISB Certified for fabrication of complex structures, minor bridges and major bridges, including fracture critical endorsement / sophisticated paint endorsement. In-house services include full assembly, coatings, custom delivery and site erection. FSS also fabricates girders for railroad bridges, movable bridges and bascule bridges. In addition to specialty hauling capability, FSS can ship from our on-site rail spur, and is in close proximity to Tampa’s seaport terminals, providing for delivery opportunities anywhere in the USA and overseas. Florida Structural Steel has the technical staff and ability to work with agencies on repairs and rehabilitation projects anywhere in the USA and overseas.


The Tampa Tank, Inc, (TTI) product line includes shop assembled storage tanks, process tanks, silos, bins, hoppers, stacks, stack liners, steam drums, duct-work, breechings, and other custom structures in carbon steels, alloy steels, and stainless steel.

Our fabrication facilities in Tampa, FL and our experienced professional engineering staff make TTI uniquely qualified to design, prepare drawings, furnish material, fabricate, sandblast, paint, galvanize, and deliver a wide variety of shop-fabricated steel tanks and structures. TTI is fully certified in the design and fabrication of steel plate and pipe products under the following codes and standards. ASME Code Section VIII with “U,” “R,” and “S” stamps; API Standards 620, 650, 653, and 1104; AWWA Standard D100, D102 and D103; NFPA Standards 22 and 30 and UL Standard 142. Our welders are certified to ASME Code Section IX, AISC, AWS 1.1 and AWS  1.5.

To assure our customer a finished product in strict accordance with applicable codes and specifications, we provide in-house radiography (RT), ultrasonic (UT), Phased Array UT, magnetic particle (MT), liquid penetrant inspections (PT), hydrostatic and pneumatic testing. All fabricated and supplied steel will be purchased, fabricated and inspected in accordance with the applicable codes. Outside testing can be preformed by other certified inspection companies, if required.


Staffed with experienced professional engineers, Tampa Tank, Inc. (TTI), located in Tampa, Florida is uniquely qualified to design, prepare drawings, furnish materials, fabricate, install, test, sandblast and paint piping (shop or field), manifolds, loading rack facilities, or terminal fire suppression systems. Our staff is qualified for the design and fabrication of piping in accordance with ASJE B31.1, B31.3, B31.4 and API 1104.

TTI utilizes a variety of manual, semiautomatic and automatic welding processes to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

These processes include: Shop / flux-cored arc welding, gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, submerged arc welding and shield metal arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, gas metal arc welding and shielded metal arc welding.

Our welders are certified to ASJE Code Section IX. To provide our customers finished products in strict accordance with applicable codes and specifications, we provide in-house radiography, ultrasonic, phased array, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, hydrostatic and pneumatic testing. Outside testing can be performed by other certified companies, if required.

TTI has serviced the petroleum industry in the continental United States, South America, Central America and the Caribbean with installation of pipe and loading rack facilities. The pipe has ranged from 4” diameter to 42” diameter.


Tampa Tank maintains a close knit staff of highly qualified engineers, technicians, and skilled tradesmen which allows quick response and superior customer service. Tampa Tanks capabilities include: O Tank fabrication, installation, and repair to UL-142, ASME (R, U and S Stamps), API-650, and API-620 O Loading rack design and installation O Pipelines including pump stations and metering equipment O Fire systems for petroleum storage facilities.

Since 1953, Tampa Tank Incorporated has provided piping, tank construction, and repair services including design, fabrication, and installation. Through our network of partners, TTI can provide electrical and civic work in support of tank construction to offer our clients a complete turn-key solution.

With offices in Tampa, Florida, Colombia S.A., and Guatemala, Tampa Tank has the resources to provide quality service in the United States, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

Design Fabrication Installation

Tampa Tank, Inc. (TTI) and Florida Structural Steel (FSS) are staffed and equipped to provide complete design, shop fabrication, shipment, field erection, inspection, and testing of welded steel products to our customer’s specific requirements. We can also provide assistance with plate rolling requirements!

TTI/FSS has added the MAV 3070 rolling machine manufactured by Promau-DAVI, the leading brand for plate rolling machines. The DAVI is the most innovative and revolutionary plate rolling machine on the market today. TTI/FSS selected this roll because of its design, technological advancement, effectiveness, and advantages over other plate rolls. The variable axis is the simplest and easiest rolling machine to use. It works as a press in the pre-bending of the plate edges. The length of the flat end of the rolled plate is the shortest of any other three roll machines. The DAVI is the only variable axis roll with the possibility to tilt considerably both the top and the lateral rolls to enable the machine to shape even the most inclined cone shapes.

Features and Benefits:

  • With pre-heated steel, 7․ thick steel can be rolled to approximately 72․ ID.
  • Without heating, TTI and FSS, utilizing the DAVI can roll up to thicknesses of 4․ and rolled to approximately 60․ ID.
  • Skilled workmen assure that your material is rolled exactly to your requirements.
  • The DAVI is the most effective roll for accurate rolling resulting in closer tolerances in the finished product.
  • The length of the flat end is small resulting in a more accurate fit-up of your material.
  • Roll material up to 10․ wide
  • A rail spur allows TTI/FSS to receive large shipments of plate and to also ship oversized fabrications.
  • Closeness to the Port of Tampa is a plus for those needing transportation by ocean going ships.