Submerged Arc Welder

TTI-FSS is currently seeking Welders with Submerged Arc experience.  Click on title to view requirements and responsibilities.

  • Sets up and operate Submerged arc welding machines that weld together parts of fabricated metal products, as specified by blueprints, layouts, welding procedures, and operating charts.
  • Welds flat, cylindrical, or irregular parts that may be clamped, tack-welded, or otherwise positioned.
  • Positions weld line parallel to carriage
  • Turns cranks or pushes buttons to align electrode on welding head over weld joint to weld linear joints, or adjust length of radial arm to position electrode over weld joint when welding radial joints.
  • Fills hopper with specified flux and direct nozzle or gravity feed over weld line, or adjust shielding gas or gas mixture flow rate.
  • Turns knobs to set current, voltage, and slope, and synchronize feed of wire and flux with speed of welding action.
  • Set limit switch which automatically stops machine at end of weld.
  • Starts machine and observes meters and gauges, or observes welding action for compliance with procedures.
  • Visually examines welds for adherence to specifications.
  • Required to grind surfaces.
  • Adjusts machine setup to vary size, location, and penetration of bead.
  • Installs tracks to weld irregularly shaped seams.
  • Preheat work piece, using hand torch or heating furnace.
  • May re-weld defective joints, using hand-welding equipment.
  • Remove surplus slag, flux, and spatter, using brush, portable grinder, and hand scraper.
  • May operate machine equipped with two or more heads.

Job Type: Full-time

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