Structural Steel Welder

TTI-FSS is currently seeking welders experienced in the use of FCAW process in structural steel fabrication. Click on title to view requirements and responsibilities.
All candidates must be able to pass a 2F, 3F and 3G weld test using 1/16″ wire in the FCAW process. Welds will be checked using the following processes. VT and Standard bend test. 

Required qualifications:

Minimum 3 years experience in FCAW welding process

Experienced in the use of WPS’s

Previous experience in structural steel welding and fabrication shop required.

Preferred qualifications:

Previous FCAW, SMAW, GMAW and Submerged Arc experience.

Previous experience in the use of automated welding equipment preferred. 


This is a physically intensive job that many hours of standing along with stooping, bending, lifting and reaching.

Employees are required to report to work able to perform their duties in a drug free state.

Job requires a good level of hearing and vision for both the employee’s safety as well as the safety of those working around the employee.

Report to work on time and complete entire shift.

Must exhibit safety values consistent with State and Federal rules and regulations as well as adherence to the companies’ safety policies. Must maintain a clean and safe work area.

Performs work as part of a team and must have an attitude that allows the employee to cohesively belong to the team effort.

Must be able to listen attentively to supervision and follow direction accurately and timely.

Must be able to learn from supervision, mentors and day to day work practices in a timely and accurate manner. Employees must develop to, and maintain, the companies’ safety and quality standards.

The position requires good accurate communication skills in both directions listening to supervision as well as communicating back to supervision.




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